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Jiangsu Green Materials Vally New Material T&D Co., Ltd (GMV)
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Friends, Colleagues:
       We are sincerely grateful for your attention to the "GMV"!
      "GMV " is the only achievements company of "Local & National Joint Engineering Research Center for Basalt Fiber Production and Application Technology ". "GMV " is committed to research, develop and product high-level continuous basalt fiber and its composite materials; Committed to leading the development of high-tech green new material industrialization; To promote the development of green industry transformation. "GMV " is the combination of policy, production, study, research and usage, and continuously explore the new way of sustainable development. We insist on the strategy of innovation driving, taking the practical application and the market demand as the guide, the core technology and high-level talent as advantages to develop green new materials, new products, new technology, new equipment system; We try to cultivate and establish "GMV" brand of technology and service, to supply innovative technology for industry, to provide the most valuable high technology fibers of low-carbon environmental protection and their composite materials for the community.
       The dream is flying wings. "GMV " has carried a lot of beautiful dream since its inception in 2010, the government, universities, research institutes, friends from community and the public have given us full care and support. This dream and support let us feel the heavy responsibility, give us a flying power, also let us have enough confidence and courage to make outstanding achievements in high technology fibers and the related composite materials field, leading Chinese basalt fiber industry to a better tomorrow, filling the development of China' s green new material industry with strong colors.
      The current "GMV" is like a warship setting sail soon, braving the wind and waves, the sword refers to the other shore! We will be adhering to the management idea " Seize the opportunity with technology, Capture the market with quality, Win the respect with actual strength", practice the enterprise values of "Create efficiency, Service customers, Return society", follow the sustainable development mode of " Environmental protection, Low-carbon economy" to build world-class high-tech base of green new materials industry.
      Finally, I would like on behalf of all staff of "GMV" to appreciate the support and love from the community, and let’s take the consensus of "seek common ground, putting aside differences, integrity and mutual win-win cooperation, seeking common development", strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation, sharing the joy of success and returns!
      Friends, let us work hand in hand to the construct a green society, to create value and glory!
                                                                                                                          President: Zhishen Wu

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