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R & D Center
R & D Center
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R & D Center Introduction

      Basalt fiber production and application technology of national and local joint engineering research center, is the 2011 approved by the Jiangsu provincial development and Reform Commission from basalt fiber engineering center in Jiangsu province to upgrade, center on the Southeast University and several Xiang Guanzheng, enterprises and units, mainly engaged in basalt fiber and composite materials research and development, technology and equipment, production and sales talent training and the integration of research and development institutions
      Our team from around the world, is the top experts in the field of composite material and senior researchers, has undertaken the national 973 project, the national science and technology support program, the key research projects and other major projects and the National Natural Science Fund project, international cooperation projects and other dozens of; the formation of independent intellectual property rights of the patent technology, for dozens of patents; take on the national standard "structure strengthened with basalt fiber composite materials industry standard" and "highway engineering basalt fiber and its products" to write and work, become an important platform for R & D and industrialization in China, the basalt fiber.
      New city is located in Jianye District of Nanjing city science and Technology Park, a total investment of 150000000 yuan, construction area of 15000 square meters



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